Wednesday, October 8, 2008

time flies when you're gettin' dirty!

Sooo.. I have been living up to my word. I have been in the basement doing the nasty cleaning and organizing.

lets call it creating.

Im creating a WONDERFUL crafty abode.

My daughter has her cute little red table down there that I must dig out. Her cute little chair which matches. I anticipate this to be HER little work station.

It's going to be lovely. Mother and daughter working side by side. I wont have to convince her either.. she LOVES making crafts.

she's definitely MY child.

I remember all the way til grade four I *LOVED* making crafts. Then one day, in grade four, I went to the craft cupboard and got me some paper while in class. My teacher said something to me.. something that was both embarassing and degrading.. I cant QUITE remember what it was, but it was along the lines of I was stupid for crafting so much. I think that's when I stopped, actually. I put the paper back and didn't make any more crafts in her class. sad, eh? She was also one of those teachers that ALL the kids liked. I never liked school much (it was boring.. I got good grades yet hardly went to school..) so I never REALLY had any favourite teachers either.

Anyhow.. I apologize for not posting pictures of the wonderful loot I got a couple of days ago.. and of my progress on the basement.. but I WILL get them downloaded off the camera SHORTLY for the ones that I have taken, and will TAKE the ones I must take.

Friday is a P.D. day.. maybe that's what I'll do with Lexi. She LOVES taking photos..

although I have said to a mom that I would be available for a "playdate" (my daughter has been talking of "Kyra" for WEEKS now.) Probably a good time to get acquainted with her mom. :)

Im off to gather and take out the garbage! the cleaning isn't over yet!

have a great week, my lovelies!

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Cookie Sunshine said...

Hi Tracy, Congratulations on all of you progress. I'm looking forward to seeing your new space. How wonderful to have a great place for you and your daughter to both create.