Monday, November 24, 2008

he he..

I bought me a new pendant. yep. I love it. It's sorta like my "pat on the back" for getting the new job.. and I just couldn't resist, even though the canadian dollar IS SO VERY LOW.. it cost me WAY more than what it was listed due to exchange rates. *sigh* I was getting used to buying things at par..

c'est la vie. :)

The flowers are called Ixora flowers. I am told they typically only have four petals but this etsy artisan found two different coloured ones with FIVE petals. Kinda lucky if you ask me. :)

Interested in some BEAUTIFUL stained glass pendants, rings, earrings or even hairpins? Check her out, I would highly recommend her!


that's it for now.. I have so much cleaning to do before my SECOND last shift at my old restaurant!! (yay!) Although, I have to admit.. I WILL miss my co workers a LOT. (just means I have to pick up that odd shift when they are desperate!)

x's to all!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am alive and well. I am so very excited for this job and I hope it works out well.

I have developed this obsession for the sitcom The Office. I typically don't watch t.v. and don't even have cable but when this sitcom fell into my lap, all I have been able to do is watch it diligently!! What a show, it's so very amusing!

Anyhow, I am off to do the various little things that await my attention. There are more now than ever!

Thank you for continuing to take interest in my life rambles.. I hope to get back to my regular postings soon! Two jobs and an obsession with a sitcom (not to mention so many chores to do!) has consumed plenty of my time! Next tuesday is my last shift at the old job! (and the boss avoids me like a plague!)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

here and there..

so lately I have been up and down. Things have gone PERFECTLY, then things go not so well. Im starting to lag on my chores, but have been eating a whole lot more fruit.

Here's the scoop. My vacuum broke. My queen sized sheets don't fit my deep pocket (brand new) queen bed. I train on friday at 9am, I also need to have both my kittens to the vet by 8:30. I train saturday at 9am then work my old job at 5pm until close. That night is booked with a 28 ppl @ 1pm, 47 ppl @ 3:30 - 4pm and then a 16 @ 6:30. Now, the 16 affects me directly, but the others will only affect me because we will not have ANYTHING prep'd for the night shift due to them doing those parties. *sigh* My daughter is also having a St. Martinmas play on Thursday night which if it's raining, will be scheduled for Tuesday. I work Monday and Tuesday night and it's looking like no one can cover that Tuesday shift for me. :( Im hoping it doesn't rain.

Im kinda feeling overwhelmed. I guess that goes with getting a new job and keeping my old one for the month. So with that, the days I have off I am sleeping in and going SLOWLY about my day.

The house is starting to bother me though and my shoulders and upper back ache. *sigh*

I guess I just need some hot soup, long bath and a deep massage.

I can't wait to start training on friday. I want to feel the atmosphere of the new place. I know this though, it's a FAR bus ride to get there and back. BUT, if that is the ONLY down side, I'll take it.

I can always start my crocheting up again or get involved in a nice good book. :)

I'm off to clean the bath tub. :) Have yourselves a great day.. and hopefully I unload the camera of some great finds onto this blog from these last few weeks!

stay tuned, over and out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

thank you my friends!

I'm very excited for something new, and this job is going to be fun I think! It's so great to work with like-minded people and I hope this is true of the new job. :)

today I am going to take it slow. I have plenty of things to do and a nice steady pace is what I would like to aim for. :) first though, I think I will start with a little thumper massage and a bath as my shoulders and neck still ache..

Thank you for all the congrats! It has warmed my heart plenty!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yesterday on top of the world..

today, headache.. sore back and neck.. behind my eyes hurt.. *sigh*

I am really very excited for this job.. but ARGH! what a headache I must survive through! I'm pretty sure this is from hormones..


still happy Obama got in though! yay!

congratulations americans!

well.. Obama got in and I couldn't be happier that Bush is out. (sorry to the Bush lovers.. I just didn't like that guy.)

Yay! I really just don't much about the american politics.. but I do remember a time where I thought racism was obsolete and then chatting on some boards and reading some american headlines.. the bewilderment I felt when I saw that racism was still rampant through some of the states. I don't even know what to say. I was SHOCKED. (mind you, we do have racism here in Canada.. it's just the minority and *I* barely see it.. so I thought it was on it's way out. besides that, Im pretty naive.)

so yay! Im happy just to know that people are accepting PEOPLE, and this is one little sign for me that the world is headed on a better path.

hey, who knows though.. Obama may not stand for anything good. I haven't read either platform to know. Good thing I didn't vote. (okay, I didn't vote because I'm Canadian.. I DID vote in my election and unfortunately, my party didn't win.)

anyhow, YAY Obama, GOOD LUCK!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I got the job!!

Leah, you were right! I did fantastic and am REALLY psyched about this job! WOOOOHOOO! Training starts on November 14th!! YYYAAAAAYYY!!

ok, Im under control again..

I'll get ready for my current job now. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

glad to be wrong..

apparently I did NOT bomb the "handing in the resume" aspect to this new job I went for. I got the call today about the interview they would like to partake in tomorrow with me. :) *yay!* which is funny, I totally forgot that my daughter is on "fall break" which I think only Waldorf schools do.. and I am happy she has a fall break even though it was only for Monday and Tuesday, put Saturday and Sunday on that and I could have taken her for a good trip somewhere if I didn't have to work on that Saturday. :)

She has plenty of days off, which is a great thing I dont work during the day so I can totally accommodate those days off. It also gives her a chance to MISS school.. even though this school is AMAZING and she misses it on the weekends.. (sometimes that doesn't make me feel great though.. I really should do a whole lot more things with her during her weekends and when Im not working..)

ANYHOW.. back to this job thing. I dont know what to wear.. the one outfit I had that I really like, I wore to the "handing the resume in" to. Also, it's going to be warm tomorrow, so my super sophisticated wool fitted long jacket is out too. hrmm.. maybe I should hit some thrift stores in the morn with Alexis? :D any excuse I tell ya.. and I'm ON IT. :)

okay.. okay.. I am excited. I feel like this is the restaurant that I would aspire to create if I had the cash. Everything local and HOPEFULLY attitudes will be positive. I am a shoe in for this place.. there are so many things I actually relate to.

I think I will stop rambling and get to bed so I can have a great nights sleep. Besides, I have that brand new comfy bed waiting for me!

x's my friends.. wish me luck!

Saturday, November 1, 2008