Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am alive and well. I am so very excited for this job and I hope it works out well.

I have developed this obsession for the sitcom The Office. I typically don't watch t.v. and don't even have cable but when this sitcom fell into my lap, all I have been able to do is watch it diligently!! What a show, it's so very amusing!

Anyhow, I am off to do the various little things that await my attention. There are more now than ever!

Thank you for continuing to take interest in my life rambles.. I hope to get back to my regular postings soon! Two jobs and an obsession with a sitcom (not to mention so many chores to do!) has consumed plenty of my time! Next tuesday is my last shift at the old job! (and the boss avoids me like a plague!)

Have a great day!

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