Wednesday, November 5, 2008

congratulations americans!

well.. Obama got in and I couldn't be happier that Bush is out. (sorry to the Bush lovers.. I just didn't like that guy.)

Yay! I really just don't much about the american politics.. but I do remember a time where I thought racism was obsolete and then chatting on some boards and reading some american headlines.. the bewilderment I felt when I saw that racism was still rampant through some of the states. I don't even know what to say. I was SHOCKED. (mind you, we do have racism here in Canada.. it's just the minority and *I* barely see it.. so I thought it was on it's way out. besides that, Im pretty naive.)

so yay! Im happy just to know that people are accepting PEOPLE, and this is one little sign for me that the world is headed on a better path.

hey, who knows though.. Obama may not stand for anything good. I haven't read either platform to know. Good thing I didn't vote. (okay, I didn't vote because I'm Canadian.. I DID vote in my election and unfortunately, my party didn't win.)

anyhow, YAY Obama, GOOD LUCK!!

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