Monday, November 3, 2008

glad to be wrong..

apparently I did NOT bomb the "handing in the resume" aspect to this new job I went for. I got the call today about the interview they would like to partake in tomorrow with me. :) *yay!* which is funny, I totally forgot that my daughter is on "fall break" which I think only Waldorf schools do.. and I am happy she has a fall break even though it was only for Monday and Tuesday, put Saturday and Sunday on that and I could have taken her for a good trip somewhere if I didn't have to work on that Saturday. :)

She has plenty of days off, which is a great thing I dont work during the day so I can totally accommodate those days off. It also gives her a chance to MISS school.. even though this school is AMAZING and she misses it on the weekends.. (sometimes that doesn't make me feel great though.. I really should do a whole lot more things with her during her weekends and when Im not working..)

ANYHOW.. back to this job thing. I dont know what to wear.. the one outfit I had that I really like, I wore to the "handing the resume in" to. Also, it's going to be warm tomorrow, so my super sophisticated wool fitted long jacket is out too. hrmm.. maybe I should hit some thrift stores in the morn with Alexis? :D any excuse I tell ya.. and I'm ON IT. :)

okay.. okay.. I am excited. I feel like this is the restaurant that I would aspire to create if I had the cash. Everything local and HOPEFULLY attitudes will be positive. I am a shoe in for this place.. there are so many things I actually relate to.

I think I will stop rambling and get to bed so I can have a great nights sleep. Besides, I have that brand new comfy bed waiting for me!

x's my friends.. wish me luck!

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Leah said...

good luck! you will do great, i know it.