Monday, November 24, 2008

he he..

I bought me a new pendant. yep. I love it. It's sorta like my "pat on the back" for getting the new job.. and I just couldn't resist, even though the canadian dollar IS SO VERY LOW.. it cost me WAY more than what it was listed due to exchange rates. *sigh* I was getting used to buying things at par..

c'est la vie. :)

The flowers are called Ixora flowers. I am told they typically only have four petals but this etsy artisan found two different coloured ones with FIVE petals. Kinda lucky if you ask me. :)

Interested in some BEAUTIFUL stained glass pendants, rings, earrings or even hairpins? Check her out, I would highly recommend her!


that's it for now.. I have so much cleaning to do before my SECOND last shift at my old restaurant!! (yay!) Although, I have to admit.. I WILL miss my co workers a LOT. (just means I have to pick up that odd shift when they are desperate!)

x's to all!!

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