Wednesday, November 12, 2008

here and there..

so lately I have been up and down. Things have gone PERFECTLY, then things go not so well. Im starting to lag on my chores, but have been eating a whole lot more fruit.

Here's the scoop. My vacuum broke. My queen sized sheets don't fit my deep pocket (brand new) queen bed. I train on friday at 9am, I also need to have both my kittens to the vet by 8:30. I train saturday at 9am then work my old job at 5pm until close. That night is booked with a 28 ppl @ 1pm, 47 ppl @ 3:30 - 4pm and then a 16 @ 6:30. Now, the 16 affects me directly, but the others will only affect me because we will not have ANYTHING prep'd for the night shift due to them doing those parties. *sigh* My daughter is also having a St. Martinmas play on Thursday night which if it's raining, will be scheduled for Tuesday. I work Monday and Tuesday night and it's looking like no one can cover that Tuesday shift for me. :( Im hoping it doesn't rain.

Im kinda feeling overwhelmed. I guess that goes with getting a new job and keeping my old one for the month. So with that, the days I have off I am sleeping in and going SLOWLY about my day.

The house is starting to bother me though and my shoulders and upper back ache. *sigh*

I guess I just need some hot soup, long bath and a deep massage.

I can't wait to start training on friday. I want to feel the atmosphere of the new place. I know this though, it's a FAR bus ride to get there and back. BUT, if that is the ONLY down side, I'll take it.

I can always start my crocheting up again or get involved in a nice good book. :)

I'm off to clean the bath tub. :) Have yourselves a great day.. and hopefully I unload the camera of some great finds onto this blog from these last few weeks!

stay tuned, over and out.


Leah said...

it sounds like you need to stop. stop completely what you are doing. and take about 4 deep breaths. then. you. take. one. event. at. a. time. it. will. unfold. as. it. must. fretting will only stir you up and do no good to anyone.

senacia said...

thank you once again Leah for your wisdom. :) Things are somewhat tense and you are right. relax. things happen for a reason and this is one of those tense moments that I have to just. relax. and. see. what. happens.

:D that is hard putting a period after each word when you're not used to doing it!