Sunday, January 11, 2009

stuck for a bit at 89

There. now Im not stuck at 89, it's more like 90 now.

what am I talking about? yes. That last post was post 89.. now this is 90.

Unfortunately, I have been having a hard time making time for blogging. Good news though, I LOVE MY JOB!! yay!!

yes, it freakin rocks! It's hard work.. a little more than the last restaurant which I worked at.. but DAMN baby! I love to not DREAD work! The staff are FABULOUS! The owners are great! The managers! well.. they are managers. But I do like them! :D

mind you.. I am gone a whole lot more now.. I dont see lexi as much.. my house remains in a cluttery disaster..

BUT, no more complaining about work! oh YEAH! :)

anyhow, just a quick check in.. this is one of the latest nights I have been awake! Last night I was up til midnight.. and THAT was late! (mind you, I did have a two hour nap both yesterday and today..)

ciao my friends.. I may revamp this blog in the future!