Sunday, January 11, 2009

stuck for a bit at 89

There. now Im not stuck at 89, it's more like 90 now.

what am I talking about? yes. That last post was post 89.. now this is 90.

Unfortunately, I have been having a hard time making time for blogging. Good news though, I LOVE MY JOB!! yay!!

yes, it freakin rocks! It's hard work.. a little more than the last restaurant which I worked at.. but DAMN baby! I love to not DREAD work! The staff are FABULOUS! The owners are great! The managers! well.. they are managers. But I do like them! :D

mind you.. I am gone a whole lot more now.. I dont see lexi as much.. my house remains in a cluttery disaster..

BUT, no more complaining about work! oh YEAH! :)

anyhow, just a quick check in.. this is one of the latest nights I have been awake! Last night I was up til midnight.. and THAT was late! (mind you, I did have a two hour nap both yesterday and today..)

ciao my friends.. I may revamp this blog in the future!

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Leah said...

glad you are liking your job so much. there are huge benefits to that. the blog, your living place, that can wait. your job and your daughter are what you need to concentrate on. all is good. you are ok.