Friday, March 19, 2010

wow. it's been a LONG time. Im sorry to my three followers.

ANYHOW, now that THAT is done, let me give you a quick breif.

I no longer work as a waitress. yep, now Im a full time dreamer. Im taking a few business classes here and there, but haven't quite started the business yet.

I do have some wants though.. let me list them for my own sake:

~ I would love to refit this blog. I have been thinking about you blog!
~ I would like to STILL get that basement organized! Some is done, not enough!
~ I have some plastic climber things in the backyard that I wish to give away.
~ Once the backyard is free, I want to grow a garden. mmm, homegrown food!
~ I would like to build a butterfly, fairy garden in the front yard.
~ I would like to have a rockin resume! Even though I want to be an entrepeneur,I still wish to be able to sell myself at some point with a resume.
~ I would like to create some cool clothing out of my existing clothes
~ I want to learn how to take some excellent pictures..

Anyhow, the time is late and I have the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto to attend tomorrow with three kids.. I will be back!

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