Thursday, February 10, 2011

I may have to take the "in training" bit away from my title. I may already be there.

It's glorious. Celebrate who you are and your abnormalities.

So I fell asleep laying beside my daughter and woke at 11:30pm. It's almost 2am and I am awake still. *sigh*

Ok, I will upload ONE picture to see if I can still remember how to upload onto blogger, then I will be going to sleep again! woootwooot!

There she is. The girl I love, sledding with her friend. Yep, and she's wearing a helmet to protect that wonderful brain in that head. However, I still don't know if it's really required. At this birthday party it was, but I made it out of childhood alive without a helmet..

Mind you, I also call myself a crazylady

and there's a reason for that. *smirk*

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